Linkarea and Substring Function

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I have a template that is a LinkArea.

I want to activate only the links that start with a specific text. E.g. V65

See attached screendump.

The XPath is curently /A[.]='V65'

However the name of the links are: V65 (Tä), V65 (Mp), V65 (Ax)

I want to compare the first 3 characters of each link name to V65. What should I do? In VB Script I would just write Left(/A[.],3)...

Thanks for any help :-)



Maybe you can try input XPath manually.

//A[matches(., 'V[0-9]{1,}')]

You can study XPath from w3schools website.


The following code does the job: //A[matches(., 'V65')]

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