Parameterize Proxy via Command Line

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We're currently running few projects using the command line utility.

And I want to give in proxy address and port, because the website owners do not want web scraping tools to extract data from their websites.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Web Ripper\RunProject.exe "C:\My Custom Folder Folder\" -proxy ""

For Proxy option, you can configure it in specific project easily, I don't think that parameter can be more easiler than 'Proxy list' user interface, but if prefer to do that , you might try to receive the proxy parameter then assigning it in initialization scripts:

args.Project.ProjectProxy.ProxySource = WrProjectProxySource.ProxyList;
WrProxy proxy = new WrProxy(args.InputParameters["proxy"].ToString());
When you want to use a custom list of proxies, you have to set the ProxySource = WrProjectProxySource.ProxyList.

Other Example:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Visual Web Ripper\RunProject.exe" "C:\My Custom Folder Folder\" -proxy -username SA1BQWS1 -password RRWQOL8 -origin CGK -destination SUB session_id "1"

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