Using Visual Web Ripper to Bypass Captcha

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How To Bypass Captcha Automatically

To configure your data extraction project for semi-automatic CAPTCHA processing, you need to do the following:

Add a content element that selects the CAPTCHA image. Then use the Misc options tab to uncheck the Save content option.
Add a FormField element that selects the CAPTCHA input field. Then use the AdvancedOptions tab to select the image element as a CAPTCHA element.
Add a FormSubmit template that submits the CAPTCHA form. You may need to set the Misc option Optional template if the CAPTCHA form is not always displayed.

Set captcha and form template as optional template so if there is no need to capture image for captcha then just go through for next template for action.

Add built-in support

The software actually already supports bypasscatcha. Simple replace the following line in the script:

string captcha = DeathByCaptchaService.DecodeCaptcha(args.ImagePath, "login", "password");


string captcha = BypassCaptchaService.DecodeCaptcha(args.ImagePath, "key");

If you want to be decaptcha manually, you can disable the decaptcha script in Advanced tab > Form field section.

if you disabled the decaptcha script, it won't do auto-decaptcha.

you could need to enable script debugging:

Script debugging is turned off by default in Internet Explorer. Please follow these steps to turn off script debugging if it's turned on in Internet Explorer on your computer.

Open Internet Explorer.
Open the menu Tools->Internet Options.
Find the option Disable script debugging and make sure it is checked.

I attach my IE settings for you, hope it could be helpful for you.

By default, VWR assumes a CAPTCHA has failed if the CAPCHA image exists after submit. You can change this behavior by setting the option "Retry CAPTCHA if element exists" to false.

How do I handle a form that can have a CAPTCHA field (and image) and download FormSubimit? The download is done but the robot continue requesting the insertion of captcha.

 set 'Retry CAPTCHA if element exists' = False, therefore, after type in correct captcha number, even there is still displaying captcha, it will not retry again. the option can be found when you edit 'captcha_input' form field then go to right side panel > Advanced tab > Form Field section.

 b.t.w, if you want to enable auto-decaptcha, you should enable the captcha script in advanced tab, then type in user / password if you charged ..

Advanced Options. (source:

Decode CAPTCHA script. (source:

Decode CAPTCHA script. (source:


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