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I'm getting this error message on projects that used to work correctly before.
The message says:

I get this error in a lot of projects. In som of them in can just bypass this problem by ignoring the message and proceeding in the project normally. But in other cases I just reloads the same page and refuses to proceed.

Custom script error: The given key was not present in the dictionary.

Solution :

The exports script works on the export table, here you only have one export table - EWCPBI, so you should write code as below:

WrExportTableReader ArticleReader = args.ExportData.GetTableReader("EWCPBI"); or using args.Project.Name

I think you will need to modify the line

WrExportTableReader ArticleReader = args.ExportData.GetTableReader("table.TableName");

The input string for GetTableReader should be table name generated by VWR.

GAFlightReader = args.ExportData.GetTableReader(args.Project.Name)


custom script error: object reference not set to an instance of an object".


You can set Share Database by clicking "Database" button at the bottom of the Script Dialog.

3. Error exporting data. Access to the path 'C:\Users\Capitan\Documents\Visual Web Ripper\Output\Yandex\Files\file86d9b6e2348d49edaa01d5134602202d.jpg' is denied.


You open the project file in VWR editor, then go to "Set Project Owner" to set the owner as the current user

Error creating internal database for project GetApplications-pb. An entry with the same key already exists.


I'm not sure how you have managed to add two content elements with the same name, since the project editor should not allow you to do that.

You'll need to rename one of the content elements named "LastActionId".

Error creating internal database for project Wirexgroup. Error executing SQL: create table [VWR INTERNAL Wirexgroup Login_data[User][email]] (row_id guid NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, parent_row_id guid, out_...


You should avoid using special characters, such as [ and ] in element names. The internal database may or may not accept these characters depending on which internal database you are using.

Please avoid to use bracket letter like '[' or ']' in any element name,
This problem might be a bug, I will report to our developer as soon.

The original project has element called Network Coverage [Tool Tip] under 'Table Link' template.
Initially, VWR will create an internal table based on those elements definition. when populating the SQL statement with those elements, if there is including any '[' or ']' in any element, that would cause syntax error in SQL statement.

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