How To Bypass Captcha Automatically

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CAPTCHAs. (source:

If you don’t want to use the DeathByCaptcha service you can substitute it with some OCR software like GSA Capture Breaker or Captcha Sniper. It simulates the service locally, allowing you to not pay per each captcha recognition.

which captcha type needs to be solved so there is no need to select any
captcha types. I am using Captcha Sniper.

You must run Captcha Sniper as Admin in Windows XP compatibility mode for Vista and Win 7 users.

To properly emulate the decaptcha HTTP post, Captcha Sniper must be able to use Port 80.

To find out what’s using port 80, you can start command prompt and run

C:\Users\korex>netstat -o -n -a | findstr 0.0:80
  TCP                 LISTENING       1524
  TCP               LISTENING       5500

The settings options are as follows:

Use the hosts file redirect method. This redirect calls to,, force redirect to Captcha Sniper.

I am using service emulator running in background.

First, it creates a back up of your hosts file in the same directory as hosts.bak.

Current host file entry, make sure that your hosts file is not marked as read-only.

# ------ open C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and add the following line:

# ------ Captcha Sniper ------
# ------ Captcha Sniper ------

Captcha Sniper by default runs as a webserver on (localhost, port 80), so yes, this should already be happening.  As far as other machines outside your network or even within your network being able to access CS, this will depend on how your network is set up (routers, firewalls, etc)

Using Visual Web Ripper to Bypass Captcha

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