The Most Useful of A Group Template

Posted by Agung Pambudi in
When I attempt to open the group template, nothing happens.

A group template is an container to iterate through all input items from CSV file other input data source, a typical case is that you can create sub-templates/elements after the group template , then you feed the all input items from the group template in to form field or link template by configs or script transformation, after iterating through all items, it will navigate back to previous template - before the group template, hope you make sense.

For Example:

I'd ike to know how can I bypass Login page on the web I want to extract .... so when I running the

project i dont have to relogin and log out. I already saved the username and  password,

I assume that you created a login template with user / password formfield, and you will need to feed the input data iterately, if it's in this case, after the 'login' template, you can create a 'group' template to feed the input data , therefore, it won't navigate back to login until all input data have been done.

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